Thursday, 5 December 2013

Clickbank and

Clickbank and has become one of the main sources of traffic for Clickbank affiliates and Clickbank vendors. As it is well known, that there is hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made every day from Clickbank affiliate programs, where you promote existing products from Clickbank.

Most of the time, you even get a higher percentage than the product owner. Affiliates can get up to 75% of each sale. This is fairly well known now and is income totally available to everyone. The big question is how to get buyers.

You probably have heard many people saying they are making thousands of dollars every day from the Clickbank affiliate program. You have probably had your affiliate account set up and displaying text ad links and banners on your website and blog. And every day you check your Clickbank affiliate account looking sales but it still says zero.

You are left wondering: What are others doing differently to make all the money?

The answer is one word:

With the very low cost that charges per click and their high quality of traffic, it has become heaven for Clickbank affiliates and vendors
alike. allows a very low bid start at $0.008 while with Google AdWords you can not bid less than $0.5

Also, allows advertisers to put any number of affiliate links on their account, while Google AdWords allows only 1 per account. is very easy to use, while Google Adwords requires the user to be fairly tech savvy to be able to use it.

If you want to make money selling Clickbank product and are looking to find buyers, is the answer. It’s where to find all the traffic you need to sell your affiliate Clickbank product and how make thousands of dollars daily on auto pilot, like the masters.


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